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How to collect a Cult Talisman from a Guardian in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

Challenge Spire Guardians to a duel.

Image via Epic Games

Each Fortnite season introduces changes and new elements to spice up the gameplay. Fortnite map also gets shaken up with every new season as new points of interest (POI) are added and others slowly fade away.

The center of the map isn’t deserted anymore with Chapter Two, season six. It looks like the fall season has hit Fortnite early this season. Yellow-tinted portions of the map host Spire towers, guarded by Spire Guardians.

These guardians drop excellent loot and you’ll need to pay a visit to them to complete one of the latest quests. One of the challenges of this week will require you to take down a Spire Guardian and collect a Cult Talisman for Raz.

While it sounds easy, these guardians aren’t like the henchmen that Fortnite players are used to. Guardians are buffed with shields and can perform unique moves, making taking them down quite a difficult task.

Where to collect a Cult Talisman from a Guardian in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6

To take on a Spire Guardian, you’ll need to visit one of the Spire towers scattered around six corners of the map’s middle portion. These guardians won’t always be on top of these towers since they enjoy leaving their spot to roam around.

The Cult Talisman will automatically drop as a lootable item once you take down a Spire Guardian. You’ll be able to pick up the Cult Talisman by interacting with the item.

Once you collect the Cult Talisman, you’ll also need to pick up the Cult Artifact before you make your way back to Raz.

Make sure to loot up before you challenge Spire Guardian since it’ll be quite a long fight. Gathering building materials can also help you during the fight since Spire Guardians hit hard and you may need to create some space to heal back up to full health or use shields.

You can also consider drawing the Spire Guardians inside a house or a closed building so you don’t get ganked by nearby players who will hear your gunshots.