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How do you help the Seven reclaim The Daily Bugle in Fortnite?

It’s time to take back the Bugle.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest season introduced a Resistance theme that pits players against the Imagined Order. 

For the last two weeks, players have explored an altered map split into different territories between the IO and the Seven. This morning’s update brought the battle to The Daily Bugle, where players are being asked to help reclaim the location.

As the first battle in this conflict, it’s easy to see why many players may be unsure what to do. When you first load into the map, you’ll notice that The Daily Bugle has a red font, with a red X near the front of the POI. 

When you land at The Daily Bugle, move to the X on the map where the battle is happening. You’ll see the Seven guards from the past season fighting against the Imagined Order’s goons. Be ready for a tough fight because you’ll take on several IO guards to reclaim the territory.

After defeating the first wave, you’ll get a notification across your screen letting you know the next stage is starting. Before that, though, grab the health items and weapons that are being teleported to you through the blue portal. After that, head to the next red X where the battle is, and then do the same for the next wave.

Be careful if you approach the blimp since Huntmaster Sabre is located there, according to the YouTube channel EveryDay Fortnite.

It’s also been leaked that the blimps may crash in the coming weeks, with The Daily Bugle’s blimp possibly to be the first to go. 

Another leaker pointed to a loading screen that looked similar to The Daily Bugle but with some kind of militarized base. 

Fans may only have to wait another week or two to see what happens to The Daily Bugle and if the Seven are victorious in reclaiming the territory.