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How do you complete the Zero Build Trials in Fortnite to earn in-game rewards?

You've got to play to Spray.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite‘s newest season is in full swing with new mechanics and the removal of a classic feature. The building has been completely removed from the game in the new Zero Build modes. Epic Games has initiated the Zero Build Trials to award players for taking part in this new mode to mark the occasion.

To start, players will need to sign up on the Zero Build Trials website and sign in with your Epic Games account. After that, the site will direct you to a page indicating the challenge’s current day and how many points the player needs to qualify for the Spray.

You’ll have to get eliminations to get points during the Zero Build Trials event. In this way, it’s similar to the different Cups that Fortnite holds sometimes. The first day requires 30 eliminations to unlock the first Spray. In addition to the regular goal, a stretch goal will award the player with a new Glider if they can meet it.

The competition is currently running now through April 10 at midnight. Each day will be a different Spray, and players who missed a day will be able to get all of them on April 10 if they meet the daily goal. This means that players only have to log in this Sunday and complete the daily goal to earn all available cosmetics.

Each Spray shows the Imagined Order members doing different actions, with two of them featuring Slone. Fans who want to claim these Sprays as fast as possible should log in today and complete the challenge to claim the first of four.