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Here is the new map for Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8

It does look quite familiar.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s upcoming season, aptly titled Cubed, takes place directly after the end-of-season event held for season seven yesterday. After the Mothership crashed, many Cubes began to populate the island, likely triggering several events in the future.

This had changed things up regarding the appearance of the island, and you’ll notice some new additions in the new map for Fortnite Chapter Two, season eight.

Map of Fortnite Chapter Two, season eight

Data miners have unearthed the new map for this upcoming season and there doesn’t seem to be any new locations to explore, to the disappointment of some fans. Still, there are some obvious changes to the terrain that wasn’t present last season.

There are six patches of what looks to be dirt where the ground has been uprooted, likely due to the crash site for the Mothership and other crafts during the end-of-season event. Outside these areas, all named locations have remained the same.

There is a visible cube in the top right corner of the map. More will likely be scattered around the place, according to the reveal trailers.

While this may seem anticlimactic, we have seen the map has change in past seasons. With season eight set to run until early December, there’s still time to drastically alter the landscape.