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Here are all Bunker Chest Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Get them while they're still hot.

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Every Fortnite season introduces new changes and mechanics to spice up the gameplay. Though it takes a while for players to get a taste for all the new gameplay elements, it’s what makes each season unique. A new type of loot chest was also added to Fortnite with Chapter Two, season six, containing valuable enough loot that’ll make you search for them every match.

There are a total of 20 Bunker chests on the map. These chests have a high legendary weapon drop rate, making them even better than the likes of Mythic chests and Supply Drops. Bunker chests won’t be hiding in plain sight all the time, however, and you may need to dig them out of the ground before you claim the loot inside.

You can use your harvesting tool to land a couple of hits on top of the buried Bunker chests, and they should resurface almost immediately. Here are all the Bunker chests in Fortnite so you can plot your course in your next match before it even begins.

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  • Bunker chest No. 1 – You can find the first Bunker chest in Shark Island. It’s located inside a tower that’s located toward the northwest corner of the main structure. Search the base level to find and unlock the first Bunker chest.
  • Bunker chest No. 2 – The second Bunker chest is stored in Stealthy Stronghold. It’s buried in a field to the south of Stealthy Stronghold, outside of the walls. This field is located on top of a small hill.
  • Bunker chest No. 3 – Head over to Craggy Cliffs to find the third Bunker chest and look for the house with a red roof toward the western part of the town. The Bunker chest will be waiting for you under the staircase.
  • Bunker chest No. 4 – Located in Pristine Point, you’ll find the fourth Bunker chest in the attic of a house toward the landmark’s west. 
  • Bunker chest No. 5 – While Steamy Stacks can look like a complicated landmark, the fifth Bunker chest is located in a relatively accessible spot. You’ll need to locate the building that’s half covered in sand, and the Bunker chest will be waiting for you in its basement.
  • Bunker chest No. 6 – The sixth Bunker chest is also in Steamy Stacks, but you’ll need to move toward the shoreline, toward the Southeast of the landmark, to find it. This Bunker chest is buried under sand, meaning you’ll need to dig it out.
  • Bunker chest No. 7 – The seventh Bunker chest is in a small campsite near the Green Steel Bridge. Head toward the west after making it to the Green Steel Bridge and you should be able to find the camp in a matter of seconds.
  • Bunker chest No. 8 – The eighth Bunker chest will be up for grabs in Pleasant Park. Head over to the house with storm shelter toward the southeastern corner of the landmark.
  • Bunker chest No. 9 – Close to the ninth Bunker chest, you’ll find the ninth one in Sweaty Sands. It’s located in the attic of a house, located toward the southeastern part of the town.
  • Bunker chest No. 10 – You’ll find the 10th Bunker chest in a field, east of Flopper Pond.
  • Bunker chest No. 11 – You’ll need to go to the top of the Heart Island to find the 11th Bunker chest. It’ll be waiting for you in the shack that’s on the top.
  • Bunker chest No. 12 – The 12th Bunker chest is located near a road that’s west of Durr Burger.
  • Bunker chest No. 13 – Located in Weeping Woods, you’ll find the 13th Bunker chest next to the control panel in a house toward the northern edge of the landmark.
  • Bunker chest No. 14 – The 14th Bunker chest is hidden inside a house in Retail Row. The house is located on the southwestern edge of the landmark.
  • Bunker chest No. 15 – While you’re at Retail Row, you can also find the 15th Bunker chest in the fields. Look for the flowery fields toward Retail Row’s west and the Bunker chest should be waiting for you there.
  • Bunker chest No. 16 – Though the 16th Bunker chest is closer to Lazy Lake, you’ll find it in a field in between Loot Lake and Lazy Lake.
  • Bunker chest No. 17 – Head over to the house toward the east of Shipwreck Cove to find the 17th Bunker Chest. The Bunker chest will be inside of the attic.
  • Bunker chest No. 18 – The 18th Bunker chest can be found in a hidden room inside the large house at Camp Cod. This room is located in the basement of this house and you’ll need to destroy the floor beneath the table with your harvesting tool to access the room.
  • Bunker chest No. 19 – You’ll find the 19th Bunker chest in Misty Meadows. Navigate to the large house in the flower fields, located toward the southwest of Misty Meadows.
  • Bunker chest No. 20 – The 20th Bunker chest is in a trailer park around the southeastern corner of the map. Once you’re there, look for a shack and the Bunker chest will be waiting for you there.
  • Bunker chest No. 21 – Discovered slightly later than the first 20 Bunker chests, the 21st one is located in the crossroads between Sweaty Sand and Holly Hedges.
  • Bunker chest No. 22 – To find the 22nd Bunker chest, you’ll need to rotate to the southwest edge of the map. There’s a tiny shore line there with lots of sand, hiding the Bunker chest from plain sight.

Though these are all the chests that are available on the map as of writing this article, Epic Games might also add more of them as the season progresses. Don’t get surprised if you start finding new Bunker chests in random locations and always pick up the loot as soon as possible since Bunker chests have quickly become a prime objective for a decent chunk of players.