Friday Night Fortnite and Salty Springs Cup among leaked tournaments coming to Fortnite

If the leaks are correct, the first tournament begins in just a few days.

Image via Epic Games

After Epic Games teased in-game tournaments in the Support-A-Creator announcement video, fans thought the competitions would be coming soon—and it appears they’re correct.

Twitter user @FNBRLeaks has found five new tournaments in the game files that appear to be coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale soon. “Alpha/Daily Trials” would be the first in-game tournament and its expected start date is Oct. 16.

Both Alpha trials, which are expected to be played in Solo format, and the Duos Beta trials will take place over several days. Alpha will, if the leak is correct, run from Oct. 16 to 21 and offer a “shiny pin” as a reward. Beta is very similar, but the competition is just three days long.

The only Squads tournament may turn out to be the competitive community’s favorite, though. Friday Night Fortnite, a weekly event held every Friday, will force teams to rack up eliminations and survive longer than their opponents. The tournament, which sounds similar to the Friday Fortnite events that were hosted by Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem earlier in the year, will reward teams that score 25 points in a session with one of those shiny pins.

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The Salty Springs Cup is very similar to the Friday Night Fortnite format, but it’s for Solo competitors. It will begin on Oct. 27 and end Oct. 31, according to the leak.

And the final leaked tournament is Tomato Temple, a Duos competition that begins Oct. 28 and wraps up Nov. 1. Like the Salty Springs Cup, players can earn a pin for getting 20 points in a session.

While these events haven’t been confirmed by Epic, it would certainly appear that the developers intend to push tournaments into the game. And with just content creators and the best players being able to compete in the Summer Skirmish or Fall Skirmish events, this would hopefully allow more players to get involved in competitive Fortnite.