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Fortnite’s week 10 Midas’ Mission now live

Complete these challenges to unlock the Shadow or Ghost version of Midas.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Midas’ Mission challenges are available to complete in Fortnite.

Midas is the final character for this season’s Battle Pass, which makes Midas’ Mission the final set of agent challenges for Chapter Two, season two. Like the missions for previous agents, players who complete all 10 challenges will be able to select either the Shadow or Ghost Midas skin. 

Unlike the previous weeks in Chapter Two, season two, there are no Deadpool challenges available this week. It appears that week nine’s X-Force Deadpool variant was the final unlock for the merc with a mouth—at least for now.

Midas’ Mission includes the following challenges:

  • Eliminate players with a Shotgun, AR, and SMG (one kill from each gun).
  • Search Chests in different matches (seven chests).
  • Eliminate a player or Henchman with a Legendary or Boss weapon (three eliminations).
  • Heal teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (200 health).
  • Dance within 10 seconds of knocking a Henchmen (three times).
  • Search different golden pipe wrenches (five total wrenches).
  • Catch a fish while riding in a Choppa (three times).
  • Deal damage to players or Henchmen at the Yacht and the Agency in a single match.
  • Visit the Agency, Hayman, and Greasy Graves in a single match. 
  • Deal damage to Henchmen while disguised (100 damage).

Most of the Week 10 challenges are pretty self-explanatory and easy to complete, such as eliminating players with various weapons or searching chests in different matches. Some of the challenges, however, require a little more planning.

For the challenge in which you must deal damage to players or Henchmen at both the Yacht and Agency, it’s probably wise to head to the Yacht first and then use the Choppa found on the Yacht to quickly hop over to the Agency to complete the challenge. 

Most of the week 10 challenges can be completed in the solos mode, with the exception of healing a teammate with a Bandage Bazooka. It might also be easier to catch a fish from the Choppa with a partner, but it probably isn’t absolutely necessary to have a squad to complete that challenge. Keep in mind that many challenges are easier to complete in Team Rumble than in the battle royale modes.

For players struggling to complete the more obscure challenges, such as searching for the golden pipe wrenches and figuring out where Greasy Graves is, one fan put together a helpful cheat sheet

These agent challenges should be available to complete until April 30.