Fortnite’s v10.40 patch notes are now live

There's a new location and two LTMs.

Image via Epic Games

The latest Fortnite update has released and it’s expected to be one of the final downloadable patches of season X.

The last few updates brought both Gotham City and Batman, as well as Borderlands to Fortnite. This week, we see the addition of a new rift zone and an LTM. It’s a pretty typical update.

Here are the patch notes for the latest Fortnite update.

The Combine LTM

A new LTM has been added called The Combine. You must reach the end of the map and compete for the fastest time while eliminating each other.

Starry Suburbs

Starry Suburbs has been added to the map as a rift zone just north of Pleasant Park. There’s a “never before seen” weapon located in the area, which we assume to be the legendary Tactical SMG, but that’s unconfirmed at this time.

Zone Wars LTM

Image via Epic Games

Zone Wars is coming to Fortnite as an LTM in the form of four Creative maps made by users. You can queue with up to 15 friends.


The Bouncers have been unvaulted and the Batman crossover weapons are in Arena playlists now.

Fortnite’s v10.40 update will require some downtime for server maintenance, and as a result, players should expect to wait up to two hours before being able to log in. The wait is usually shorter, however.

Once the downtime has ended and players have downloaded the update, all of the new additions will be available to play around with.

The patch notes include many more bug fixes and gameplay additions. You can view the full notes on Epic’s website.