Fortnite’s sniper rifle scope might be off-centered due to a bug

That's the only reason why you're not hitting your quick scopes.

Image via Epic Games

Scoping with a sniper rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale makes the crosshair move a bit to the left, a player has found.

Player Luu90 discovered that the epic Sniper Rifle won’t aim at the previous crosshair position when scoped. They show that in a video on the Fortnite subreddit.

They first aim at the head of their opponent with a rare Assault Rifle. They then switch to the epic Sniper without moving the characters, scope in, and the scoped aim moves a bit to the bottom and the left, a few centimeters from the opponent’s right shoulder. That shot could miss the target, which was first perfectly in the center of the crosshair.

This is a significant movement for players who like to use the regular crosshair of other weapons to aim at opponents before shooting with the sniper rifle. This allows them to skip the scoping animation and hit powerful shots with the Sniper Rifle with greater speed without losing accuracy. This incomprehensible movement also adds unpredictability to a technique that should be consistent.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has yet to comment on that aim movement, which leaves players speculating about what is causing it. Some say it has been in the game since season four and is meant to prevent players from aiming easily with a sniper rifle, a weapon that should be hard to aim with. Others think it’s just a bug that should be fixed to reduce randomness of quick shots with sniper rifles.

Players and Epic still need to understand how serious the issue is. This could be a bug that only happens when you switch between and epic Sniper Rifle and a rare Assault Rifle, but it could also happen regardless of rarity and weapon inside these classes.

Dot Esports reached out to Epic for comment.

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