Fortnite's season 6, week 6 challenges want you to kill players with a Pickaxe and Shotguns - Dot Esports

Fortnite’s season 6, week 6 challenges want you to kill players with a Pickaxe and Shotguns

Swing away kids!

Image via Epic Games

Another week, another set of challenges to complete in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

We are past the halfway mark in Fortnite’s sixth season with only five weeks of challenges remaining. As usual, there are seven new weekly challenges to attempt to complete with three being available for three, and the other four available to those who purchases this season’s Battle Pass.

As usual, these challenges yield XP and Battle Stars to rank up your Battle Pass on the quest to unlock cool rewards. This week’s challenges are as follows:

Free challenges

Place Chillers in different matches (3)5 Battle Stars, 500 XP
Search a Chest in different Named Locations (7)5 Battle Stars, 500 XP
Shotgun Eliminations (3)10 Battle Stars, 1,000 XP

The free challenges are relatively simple this week and ask you to simply place Chiller Traps and eliminate players with any Shotgun.

You can do this relatively esily by using the Disco Domination LTM to place traps around large groups of enemies.

Battle Pass challenges

(Stage 1) Find the Sheet Music in Pleasant Park (1)10 Battle Stars, 1,000 XP
(Stage 1) Land at Shifty Shafts (1)5 Battle Stars, 500 XP
Deal damage with a Pickaxe to opponents (250)5 Battle Stars, 500 XP
(Stage 1)Elimination witha Common Weapon (1)10 Battle Stars, 1,000 XP

A few multi-stage challenges are in the Battle Pass challenges this week that will ask you to simply play the game.

Musical items, however, might be a little tedious to find and will force you to traverse to map in search of these items through many stages.