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Fortnite’s ping system could be bugged

The ping bug should be fixed soon.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The ping system in Fortnite Chapter Two might not be working properly.

The game-changing mechanic was introduced on Feb. 28 and it’s been a popular addition ever since. But Fortnite players are complaining that it’s inconsistent right now.

The mechanic could be bugged. The ping system seemingly misses weapons and items that are dropped on the floor. Previously, the ping system would display a small icon above the dropped item to show players what it is. 

A Reddit user discovered that, from above, the ping system is occasionally inconsistent. He was attempting to ping a dropped item to his teammate, but the game wasn’t registering it. 

Some players have theorized that the issue is caused by small hitboxes. In the video, the player was attempting to ping a small item, which means it’d have a small hitbox. But if the player was pinging a larger item, it could work fine. 

This seemingly isn’t the case, however. Several other users have complained that it takes up to five tries to ping an item. Others have suggested that pinging the ground could work, rather than pinging the item itself. But this wouldn’t allow teammates to view the small icon that’s displayed above an item when it’s been pinged. 

If this is a bug in Fortnite, Epic Games will likely fix it in a future update. Players can keep track of the known bugs in Fortnite by using the community Trello board