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Fortnite’s Klombos are moving inland toward the Collider

The Klombos might be coming back in a big way.

Image via Epic Games

As Fortnite is getting ready for the Collision live event that’s set to happen in less than two weeks, changes are happening across the map. The Collider has begun shooting pulses and The Seven are preparing the mech while another popular character has become more active on the island. The Klombos have been seen moving their dirt mounds, heading inland toward Tilted Towers and the Collider.

Before the most recent update, there were three Klombo dirt mounds placed around the map that worked as geysers when the player was standing on them. A week ago, three new Klombos were added to the map, with two new mounds put near Rocky Reels and one near Grassy Grove. Now, the giant lovable lizards are on the move, according to the Twitter account FN_Assist.

The mounds in the winter biome, according to this user, have begun moving toward Logjam Lumberyard, Shifty Shafts, and Behemoth Bridge. The Klombos in the desert and dirt mounds have begun moving closer to The Devoured Skull and Tilted Towers. While no one is sure what the giant animals are up to, there has been speculation from the community.

Many fans assumed that the Klombos were kidnapped at the beginning of the season before Epic Games showed they were simply hibernating across the island. Now that more hibernating Klombos have been added just before the end of the season, many fans are speculating that we could see Klombos during the Collision event next week.

If this all is unconnected, it does seem weird that Fortnite would bring in new Klombos when they’re winding down everything else in the season. The last week of quests just dropped and players are hurrying to collect all the Omni-Chips, so it’s curious why Epic added new characters.

Fans will have to wait and see if the Klombos play a role in the event on June 4 at 3pm CT.