Fortnite’s Icon radio station is only playing Eminem, possibly hinting at upcoming collab

He's Not Afraid of a little battle royale.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite is the undisputed king of entertainment crossovers, from monumental movie characters to the hottest artists on the music charts. Sometimes Epic Games will tease a collab and let fans speculate before they finally reveal the information. In a surprise to many, Epic is now only playing Eminem songs on the battle royale’s Icon radio station.

The Icon station is meant to showcase important artists in Fortnite, like those who have skins or otherwise have had an impact on the game. The fact that it is repeatedly playing Eminem tracks back to back is almost 100 percent not an accident. While just speculation at this point, this sudden love for Slim Shady could be pointing to something coming to the game in the near future.

In the past when Epic dedicated the station to one specific artist, it was usually to celebrate a new collab or cosmetics coming to the Item Shop, such as Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic. They received skins in the Item Shop and then all of their songs, including some new ones, were featured on the game’s radio station.

While this is all just speculation based on a rare occurrence in Fortnite, it could potentially mean that Eminem could be coming to Fortnite in some capacity. Whether this is a music pack like the Notorious B.I.G. got or a full cosmetic set, no one knows yet. All that’s certain is that Epic is putting the rapper’s hits on blast, and it’s likely for a good reason.

With the big Dragon Ball update coming in just a few days, it seems that Epic Games has come back from their summer break to give Fortnite players some really cool stuff.


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