Fortnite's field of view is the narrowest when compared to Apex, Overwatch, and CS:GO | Dot Esports

Fortnite’s field of view is the narrowest when compared to Apex, Overwatch, and CS:GO

You can't see as many things on your screen in Fortnite compared to other games.

Image via Epic Games

The hottest topic in the Fortnite: Battle Royale competitive community has been the game’s field of view and stretched resolutions, which Epic Games has locked in competitive modes to native settings.

That means that how wide or high each Fortnite player can see on their screen in competitive modes will be standard for all players. PC players used to be able to stretch their game’s aspect ratio to 4:3 to see more stuff vertically or to 21:9 to see more stuff horizontally, but now they can only play in the standard 16:9 ratio, seeing what any other player can see when they’re not using custom resolutions.

While this change guarantees that players on other platforms will play in a fair environment against PC players, aspiring and professional players on PC have been gathering and showing information about how Fortnite’s field of view is too small for a game of its genre. They believe it should allow them to see more stuff on their screen like in other games.

A Reddit user has compared the field of view of Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Regardless of Fortnite resolution, even on stretched ones that increase the player’s field of view, the game has the narrowest.

In all other games, players are able to see much more both vertically and horizontally. If that was a thing in Fortnite, players would see more floors of opponents’ structures without having to look up, and they would spot players flanking them without having to look to the side.

If Fortnite’s field of view was as wide as it is in other games, players would have more information on their screen—and that’s what professional players want. Epic’s latest decision takes the game in the opposite direction by narrowing the field of view. Because of that, players shouldn’t hope that Epic is going to mess with the field of view anytime soon.