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Fortnite’s Explosive Bow might be Legendary and have knockback

It apparently uses shotgun shells.

Image via Epic Games, Remix by Bhernardo Viana

A new weapon is confirmed to be coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale soon. It’s the Explosive Bow, which was revealed yesterday in the Fortnite News tab with a message that reads, “Archery can be a blast.”

Very little additional information about the Explosive Bow has been revealed so far. We know it might come this week based on other items and weapons that were previously revealed and released a few days later—and also because it’s part of the upcoming week six challenges. Even though Epic has yet to reveal official details about the Explosive Bow, we have leaks that give us hints about how the weapon works and how its first version may be set to appear in Fortnite.

Leaker Lucas7yoshi revealed stats for the Explosive Bow last week. The weapon will reportedly be Legendary, use shotgun shells as ammo, and have a reload time of 1.296 seconds. Its damage is 110 and headshot damage is unknown. So far, though, it’s an educated guess to say it won’t have a headshot multiplier since it’s likely an explosive weapon. Other stats that Lucas took out of the game files hint at that as well.

Some stats show that shots from the Explosive Bow cause knockback and deal damage in an area surrounding the landing spot. Its clip has a single shot, and players will apparently be able to charge the shot for 1.6 seconds to increase its range and damage. There’s a stat that hints at a damage multiplier based on how much the user has charged the shot, showing a value of 3.0 that can indicate making a shot three times stronger than usual. It’s unclear if it’s a multiplier for the direct hit damage or for the supposed explosion damage.

Players can check out the full stats of the weapon, which are shown with technical terms, in the game files that Lucas shared. Other than that, players can only wait until this week’s update is released to check out how the Explosive Bow will really work in Fortnite.