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Fortnite’s Collider is now pulsing once per hour

Fortnite's Collider is powering up for the event.

A large explosion emits from a tall narrow structure
Screengrab via FNPulseWatch

When Fortnite got its last Chapter Three, season two update two weeks ago, it added a new POI called The Collider.

For a while, no one knew what this device was going to do outside of sending an energy pulse into the sky every couple of days. Now, the pulses are coming every hour, and fans have a better idea of what the Imagined Order will do with The Collider.

The first energy pulse happened two weeks ago, on May 20, and looks to be considerably weaker than those that would come after it. There was a two-day waiting period between the first and second pulse where fans were unsure what to expect from the giant tower.

Then as the days went on, many fans began to notice that the pulses were getting faster. Now, 39 pulses later, The Collider rapidly fires into the sky every hour. In addition to the pulses, the dashes representing The Collider’s progress are filling up. With 10 out of the 30 dashes lit up, The Collider is a third of the way to being fully charged.

As the pulses become more frequent, more fans will likely be encountering them in the middle of games. With the Collider shooting the beam straight into the sky, it’s easy to spot from anywhere on the island.

As shown during a Week 10 Resistance quest, The Imagined Order is looking to use The Collider to consume everything in The Loop when it’s fully charged. This is all building up to the end of Chapter Three, season two, and the live event on June 4. Whether or not The Seven can stand up to the IO is yet to be seen, but the Mecha Strike Commander is built and ready to save The Loop.