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Fortnite’s Chapter 3, season 2 kicks off with Doctor Strange collab

The newest season in Fortnite is bringing the multiverse to the island.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Three, season two began at around 8am CT today, providing players with an in-depth look at the Resistance that the Seven are putting up. The Imagined Order is invading the island, and heroes are stepping up to stop them. One of the heroes making his way onto the battlefield to help the Seven will be Doctor Strange, Fortnite‘s latest collaboration. 

Announced via the Fortnite Resistance trailer, players can take on the role of Strange by getting to the last level of the battle pass. Outside of the doctor himself, players will also unlock some other iconic items from Strange’s story and power set. For example, the Eye of Agamotto is available as a first-page spray.

Once you’ve unlocked the Eye, you won’t find any more of Strange’s cosmetics until you get to page 10. There are several items connected to the main Doctor Strange outfit to unlock, including:

  • Doctor Strange (outfit)
  • Mandala Disk (glider)
  • Book of Cagliostro (back bling)
  • Spellwork Scimitar (harvesting tool)
  • Conjure Weapon (emote)

In addition to the outfit and paired cosmetic items, Fortnite offers a few more rewards related to Strange. Players can also claim a loading screen that features the character, the Tao Mandalas spray, and a Book of the GG emote.

Even though it’ll take some work to get high enough in the battle pass to unlock Doctor Strange, Fortnite will give players plenty of opportunities to earn bonus experience in the coming weeks.

In addition to bringing Doctor Strange, Epic Games also removed building from the game, adding a series of other mechanics instead. Players will find the new additions when they log into Fortnite, and though the lack of building seems to be temporary, it’s unclear if the new additions will remain in the game after the Seven reintroduce the ability to build.