Fortnite's August Crew Pack will be a new Wolverine skin - Dot Esports

Fortnite’s August Crew Pack will be a new Wolverine skin

A crossover from Fortnite's own comics.

Wolverine in civilian clothes with an eyepatch and red katana
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has become the No. 1 place for entertainment and other franchises to showcase their favorite characters or branding. Epic Games has nailed down the art of brand partnerships, especially when it comes to partnering with repeated brands like Marvel. And now, another character from the comics will be making his way onto the island.

A new Wolverine skin, named Wolverine Zero, is heading to Fortnite on Aug. 1, according to a new tweet from Epic today.

This new Wolverine skin was recently seen in the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics, where Jonesy and The Imagined tried to convince him to join their fight. The eyepatch-wearing mutant wasn’t hearing any of it but eventually came around to help the team with their cause. Now, Wolverine Zero is landing in the battle royale to help Jones and the Imagined on their quest.

The Wolverine Zero bundle for the August Crew Pack includes:

  • Wolverine Zero outfit
  • Murumasa Blade back bling
  • Muramasa Blade pickaxe
  • Best Fight You Ever Had loading screen
Wolverine with an eyepatch and weilding a red katana, with the battle pass icon and vbucks next to him
Image via Epic Games

The Crew Pack will also come with its standard rewards like the battle pass or 950 V-Bucks for anyone who already owns it. Subscribers will also get an additional 1,000 V-Bucks on the actual payment date.

Players who weren’t subscribed already can sign up for the monthly Crew Pack and receive the additional style for the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem back bling. This is in addition to the variety of other styles that can be unlocked through playing the No Sweat Summer event.

Players only have a few days left to subscribe to July’s Crew Pack and unlock the Phaedra outfit set before it leaves on July 31 at 6:59pm CT.