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Fortnite update v16.20 adds 2 new bows

Could a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover be in the works?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite‘s update v16.20 is finally here and it’s coming with a ton of new content.

There are two bows that have been added to the available weapon pool: the Splinter Bow and the Grapple Bow.

The Splinter Bow takes arrows as its ammo (obviously), has a magazine size of one (also obviously), its reload time is 1.3 seconds, and it can do a whopping 100 damage. At face value, the bow seems extremely strong in the hands of players with excellent aim. Since it’s a bow, the shots are likely projectiles as opposed to hitscan, like most other bows.

The Splinter Bow could be an indication that a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover event might be coming to Fortnite, as has also been hinted at by data miners. Fortnite has been known for ambitious crossovers and it’s possible we could be seeing some machines from the Horizon series roaming the island soon.

Next up is the Grapple Bow, which many are theorizing will work similarly to the old, wildly popular Grapple Gun. It takes arrows and has a magazine size of one, like most bows, but its reload time is a flat one second and it can do 89 damage to a player.

The Grapple Bow will likely be used for quick repositioning or escapes, but it’s nice that it can do some substantial damage to reward the aim of players who are caught off guard.

Princess Fishstick has also been revealed as a new cosmetic, complete with her own back bling, harvester, and wrap for your weapons.

Update 16.20 is rolling out across all platforms right now.