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Fortnite update v13.30 arrives on July 21

Downtime for this update is set to begin at 4 am ET.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is set to receive a new update on Wednesday, July 21.

This scheduled update will bring with it another wave of Summer Splash limited-time modes. According to leakers, this will include Playback, Catch, and One-shot, as well as other unannounced additions. Downtime is set to begin at 3am CT.

Also in this update, it is believed the map will change as water levels recede revealing location old and new. Leakers also claim the update will also include multiple new challenges such as Get the Band Back Together. A challenge that is created with squads in mind, also the final Build-A-Brella challenge will be added to the game.

Earlier this month, dataminer FireMonkey discovered update v13.30 will bring with it the long-awaited addition of cars as controllable vehicles to Fortnite. These vehicles were first seen within the season three battle pass trailer before assets referring to them were found within the game’s files. There were four vehicles total that had posters added into the game: Bear, Mudflap, Prevalent, and Whiplash.

Bear is a small truck that can be seen prominently in the battle pass trailer as it is in pursuit of the sports car featured front and center. Mudflap looks to be the largest land vehicle in Fortnite if it gets added to the game. This is a much larger truck than the bear and can be seen appearing from over a hill in the battle pass trailer.

The third car that was given a poster was the Prevalent, a traditional four-door car similar to those that you commonly see in the game as a destroyable object. The final car is the Whiplash. This sports car was the focal point of the chase scene in the trailer.

While FireMonkey’s leaks have been accurate in the past, it remains to be seen if these vehicles will be added to the game in update v13.30.