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Fortnite update v11.30 hits servers tomorrow

Downtime starts at 3am CT.

Image via Epic Games

There’s an update coming to Fortnite tomorrow. The v11.30 update will be released after downtime, which is set to begin at 3am CT, according to Epic.

While some things are up in the air about the update, players are guessing that Christmas skins will be included, but others are trying not to get their hopes up. The last Fortnite update was released last week, but it was a small update to address bugs, so players have been eagerly waiting for this update, as it will most likely include larger content additions. 

There is hope the heavy assault rifle and the scoped assault rifle will make a return, but that’s not confirmed. The Christmas event will likely be 14 Days of Fortnite, the same event as last year. The event offered new challenges and new holiday-themed items for two weeks straight. It also included daily rewards and holiday outfits.

There are some confirmed bug fixes that will be included in this update, though. This includes fixes to skins that appear to bug, material increases not applying, and some items appearing pixelated. There are other bugs that are being investigated, but they are not yet confirmed to be fixed.