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Fortnite teases upcoming Tron event, data miners reveal more

Make yourself comfortable.

Screengrab via Disney

Fortnite is likely preparing for a trip to the Grid.

Epic Games posted an audio teaser today of a character getting transported into TRON's virtual world. Several Fortnite data miners have also uncovered more evidence seemingly confirming the crossover.

The teaser allows us to listen in on a character finding "an incredibly old computer." After hitting a bunch of keys, he eventually screams as a laser presumably sends him into the Grid. The character also reads a line from the computer asking him to "make yourself comfortable," a line quoted verbatim from 1982's TRON movie.

Fortnite data miner HYPEX posted an image and associated electronic soundtrack of a found "Mainframe Portal," which several users pointed out looked exactly like TRON.

Another data miner, Twea, posted a short video of what the portal looks like in Fortnite. It looks to be an inter-dimensional rift, so it's possible that players will get to cross to and from the Grid or it could be a potential POI with related quests.

While TRON isn't exactly the hottest of IPs compared to some of the monstrous crossovers Fortnite has had recently, flashing neon lights are a universal gaming aesthetic. With the multitude of gorgeous and interesting designs in the universe, a bevy of cool cosmetics could be a nice addition to the battle royale.