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Fortnite teases new conflict coming for Fox Clan and Drift

Drift might be in trouble.

Fortnite’s Twitter account is at it again with a slew of posts today suggesting that some new “Drift”-themed content is on the way. 

The account was “establishing connection” this morning with the Fortnite character known as Drift.

Since that point, a series of posts have followed suggesting that Drift might be in some trouble.

Drift was originally a legendary costume as a part of the Chapter One, season five battle pass. The character’s lore is that he was a normal human before getting sucked into a rift to the Fortnite universe, gaining paranormal powers. 

The character is known for his “Fox Clan” mask, which the Fortnite account has posted about numerous times today. 

While it’s unclear exactly which character in the Fortnite universe is trying to speak to Drift through the game’s Twitter, they appear to be warning him that “whoever gave you that Fox Clan mask made you a target.”

After a couple more posts, the person wrote that whoever is after them is “closing in” before finishing off by saying that they need to “wipe [their] tracks.”

Today’s teaser came along with a change to the Fortnite Twitter profile image. With a pink background, the picture shows off the Fox Clan logo that Drift is associated with.