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Slurp Juice is getting a buff in Fortnite’s next update

One of the game's healing items is about to get better.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Slurp Juice healing item will be getting a buff in the game’s upcoming 5.10 update, according to an Epic Games Reddit post.

Fortnite design lead Eric Williamson revealed the news on Reddit late on Sunday night, and he even offered some details as to what exactly will be changing about Slurp Juice.

In the game’s next update, Slurp Juice will give 75 points of healing (two per second), but prioritize HP first. If HP becomes full, it will begin to heal Shield. So if a player has full health but no Shield, it will then add 75 Shield. If a player has 25 HP but 75 Shield, it will heal to max HP, and so on.

Before this upcoming change, Slurp Juice grants one health and one shield per second for 25 seconds, giving a max of both 25 health and shield. It’s a great addition to top off your health to 100 if you’ve used bandages to heal back up to 75 without wanting to use a med kit.

The Reddit post was originally a suggestion by a Fortnite fan, but Epic employees later took over in the comments section, leading those to believe that the Slurp Juice buff was in the works before the suggestion was made.

Update 5.10 will likely come some time this week, possibly Tuesday or Thursday, and it could also include a new SMG. The Compact SMG will be an Epic and Legendary version of the CQC gun, and it looks to be modeled after the P90 personal defense weapon.