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Fortnite Save the World characters will likely appear in the battle royale mode soon

Get ready to see a few familiar faces.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite veterans might see a familiar face enter the battle royale mode soon. Penny, an original Constructor from Fortnite Save the World, will be available as a skin in the item shop in a future update, according to leaks.

Fortnite data miners discovered several new skins coming to the game in update v13.30, which includes a Constructor Crew set. Constructors in the Save the World mode are better at building than the other classes. Penny is a Constructor, which further suggests she might be included in the set. Data miners have also found outlines of Penny’s character model, further indicating she’s almost ready for release.

Penny might not be the only Constructor coming to the battle royale mode, though. Kyle, another popular character, was also encrypted two updates ago alongside Penny, which means he could be a part of the Constructor Crew set too. These are the only two skins that data miners have found so far, but other Save the World characters could appear in the battle royale mode. 

Penny is a popular character that many players will be excited to purchase. All of the skins in the Constructor Crew set likely won’t have any features that change gameplay in the battle royale mode, but fans can still enjoy running around as the iconic characters. 

Data miners predict the new skins will be available in Chapter Two, season four, which will likely begin at the end of the month. An official release date hasn’t been revealed, but fans likely won’t have to wait long for the new items.