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Fortnite players are experiencing login issues on PlayStation 4

Hopefully Epic won't have to take the servers offline again.

Screengrab via Epic Games

One day after Epic Games was forced to take the Fortnite: Battle Royale servers offline, some PlayStation 4 players are experiencing issues logging into the game.

When loading up the game on PS4, some Fortnite players are met with an error that says “login failed” as well as a message that reads “unable to sign in to your account for PlayStation Network. Please try again later.”

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The strangest thing about this situation though is that Epic Games’ status page says that all game services are operational at this time. The official Fortnite Twitter account also hasn’t posted anything about this login error.

If you close the Fortnite application and restart it, you might be able to get past the failed login error on PS4—but there’s no guarantee. You could also try completely restarting your PS4 console.

If you’re having trouble logging into Fortnite on PS4, keep an eye on Epic Games’ status page to see if the developer posts anything about this issue.

Update July 28 6:15pm CT: Epic Games tweeted that its “investigating an issue affecting the login process for many PS4 players.”

This article will be updated when more information becomes available.