Fortnite pro BlooTea makes dream play in one minute to qualify for Winter Royale finals

BlooTea got seven eliminations in one minute.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite professional player Garvin “BlooTea” Chen got seven eliminations and a Victory Royale in one-minute during Winter Royale this weekend.

He got eight points in that session with that unbelievable play. It boosted him up to the 14th place in the North American Winter Royale leaderboards and guaranteed him a spot in the finals.

The play starts at the corner of a storm circle with 12 players alive. BlooTea has only one elimination when he spots a player west of his building and killed them with a Heavy Sniper.

The storm starts approaching, and BlooTea has to build and move while opponents above and below him build and use the Grappler to move faster.

As BlooTea reaches the new safe zone, he gets a shotgun kill. Only five opponents are left. He drops to the ground and finds two players fighting. They don’t see BlooTea because he is flanking, and they become an easy prey to increase his elimination counter to five.

As BlooTea tries to move behind a third player he just spotted, he sees one player fighting them and kills both.

The last player drops from the structure above and tries to hit BlooTea with a shotgun but misses. BlooTea runs out of ammo on his SMG and shotgun. He grabs his epic assault rifle to land the last couple of shots while on the ground. BlooTea kills his opponent and wins the match with eight eliminations total.

BlooTea got three points for the Victory Royale, another for reaching top five and another for top 10. He also got one point for three, five, and seven eliminations amounting to eight points in that match and a total of 35 points in that Winter Royale session.

The 27 points BlooTea had before that play wouldn’t be enough for him to qualify for the Winter Royale finals. Moving around the corners of the storm was a great strategy that put BlooTea at an advantage over his opponents and changed his story in the tournament.

The Winter Royale finals that BlooTea will play in will start on Dec. 11 and end on Dec. 12 with the grand prize of $500 thousand being distributed among the event players.