Fortnite players are digging out dirt collectively to uncover chests near Paradise Palms | Dot Esports

Fortnite players are digging out dirt collectively to uncover chests near Paradise Palms

Grab your pickaxe and start helping with the digging.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players are now in a worldwide quest to dig out treasure chests from big dirt chunks near Paradise Palms.

Last night, a few players spotted an area west of Paradise Palms with a few bulldozers facing a square that had dirt inside it. You could hear the sound of treasure chests coming from underneath the dirt, so players started hitting chunks with their pickaxes hoping to uncover them.

They found that each dirt chunk has 500 million health points, but that their health was decreasing passively over time.

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Whenever a player hits one of these dirt chunks in a match, they seem to be globally reducing the health of that chunk to all players. That means the passive health decrease is caused by other players hitting these same chunks in their matches across the world, and whatever happens to these chunks for a player is happening to all others at the same time.

Destroying a dirt chunk seems to be irreversible. We have spotted this morning that two treasure chests have been exposed and that other chunks are rapidly decreasing in health. After all dirt chunks are destroyed, players will have collectively changed a small area of the Fortnite island for good. It’s unclear at this time if there’s more items or areas under the dirt chunks.

A similar event happened in season seven, when players destroyed an iceberg southwest of Happy Hamlet by hitting it with their pickaxes. At that time, all they uncovered was a bunker that had nothing special about it and still doesn’t. Players were unable to go inside it and find if there was more to it.

This time, though, Fortniteplayers might at least create an interesting area with lots of treasure chests to open once the digging is over.