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Fortnite player left behind by Battle Bus

This is a bus you don't want to miss.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s pregame lobby usually consists of players spamming emotes and sprays while waiting for the Battle Bus to drop them into the main map. But one player discovered yesterday that it’s possible to get left behind by the bus and be stuck on the pregame island.

A player uploaded a clip of them spawning back on the pregame island while the rest of the lobby was being transported by the Battle Bus. The player looked at their surrounding area confused when they spawned and realized they had no way to get to the actual map.

The pregame lobby takes place on an island just off the coast of the main map, but there isn’t a way to reach the mainland from the island. The island is immediately in the storm when the match starts, so being stuck there is a guaranteed death with no hope of survival. The player didn’t wait for their untimely death and just quit the match to find another lobby.

Other people in the comments wished the player stayed longer to answer their various questions. A lot of players were curious if the items that spawn in the pregame lobby were still there after the match started and if it would be possible to use that loot to stay alive. Other players confirmed the same thing has happened to them, so this might be a new rare glitch.

Being left behind by the bus driver is never fun, so always remember to thank them for their service when dropping in.