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Fortnite player gets yeeted off the map

"Someone wanna explain this??"

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is a game that receives weekly updates with new weapons, characters, mechanics, and more. But this flow of constant updates can sometimes cause new and complicated bugs to pop up as the updates interact with older systems. While these can sometimes be a headache, other interactions with these bugs lead to some pretty exciting results. 

Reddit user u/jcobsm recently discovered a bug that sent them flying into a realm not previously seen inside Fortnite. As the player tries to escape this new shadow realm, they quickly realize that this isn’t a bug they were ever meant to come back from.

The clip starts with jcobsm using a laugh emote before launching themself into the sky and gliding. Shortly after initiating the glide, they were damaged by something to their left that sent them flying into the sky at an impressive speed. After a couple of seconds of flying, they were thrown into the edge of the storm but continued to head upwards. 

Once jcobsm reached the pinnacle of their journey, they seemingly landed on top of the storm, or rather, floated over it. As expected, the player’s health began to drain as the storm damage affected them. The player tried to heal themself by throwing down a Chug Splash, but it fell to the map below right before jcobsm succumbed to the damage.

The cause of the bug is uncertain among the Reddit users who saw the post, but one reason suggested is that being sniped while gliding might launch the player. But there’s no understanding of how a sniper bullet could produce the propulsion needed to throw a character that high into the sky.

Whether Epic Games can fix this bug soon will likely depend on its ability to isolate what caused such a significant launch and patch it.