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Fortnite player becomes the first person to reach level 1,000

Sadly, there was no special prize.

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Image: Epic Games

There are plenty of gamers who’ve invested thousands of hours into Fortnite, but one player achieved something that not even developers saw possible.

Earlier today, Fortnite YouTuber RAGES REVENGE earned the final XP required to level up to level 1,000, becoming the first player to achieve this milestone. And since it had not been done before, nothing changed after reaching 1,000. No special gift was granted and the player could continue to earn XP.

Reaching level 1,000 didn’t look so easy and wasn’t possible without the multiple XP exploits that have surfaced during season eight. According to a report by Fortnitenews, it took the YouTuber hours of daily playtime on top of the exploits to gather the XP required for level 1,000.

While RAGES REVENGE might now hold the record for the highest level in Fortnite, their overall account level might also be setting records as it currently stands at 6,311 accumulative levels from their time playing over the past four years.

This record doesn’t seem to be something that will be broken anytime soon and we wouldn’t suggest you set out to do so given that there is no incentive within the game itself. You can check out the full stream as RAGES REVENGE achieved level 1,000 on their YouTube channel here.