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New pistols, emotes, and randomized outfits possibly coming soon to Fortnite

Click your heels, play a guitar, dance like Snoop Dogg, and more.

Image via Epic Games

A bunch of new items have been found in the files of Fortnite: Battle Royale, including new pistols, emotes, and even a possible change to the way you equip your skins.

While the additions found in the files are not confirmed just yet, they have been added to the backend of the game, as found by Storm Shield One. Because of this, it’s possible that they could come to Fortnite at any time—or not at all.

Image via Storm Shield One

First up are two new pistols, Dual Pistols and a Space Pistol. With Dual Pistols, one is held in each hand, dual-wielded for the maximum bad-ass image. The Space Pistol sounds more like a weapon found in Save the World PvE, and it’s described as a “high tech” gun that “[f]ires balls of energy that deal damage to enemies in a small radius.”

Three new emotes look to be hitting the store soon, as well. These include “Click!” which makes your character jump in the air and click their heels together, “Rock Out” which makes them play a guitar, and “Smooth Ride” which looks a lot like a familiar Snoop Dogg dance.

Also found in Storm Shield One’s update 3.5 database is an outfit called “Random Character,” which sounds a lot like equipping a random skin, or having your skin be generated at random at the beginning of each match.

All (or none) of these items could be added to Fortnite soon, so stay tuned for official announcements regarding the new finds.

H/T Fortnite Intel