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Fortnite leaks point to a reality-warping conclusion for Season 5

The Zero Point is at the center of more than just the universe.

Screengrab via Mang0e

In a set of leaks that dropped earlier today, players got a look at what might be coming to Fortnite as its fifth season of content approaches its conclusion. 

The leaks suggest that Fortnite’s Zero Point, an item that is seen as the center of reality in the Universe, might be a ticking timebomb rather than a simple bridge into other worlds. Dataminer Mang0e found information within the game’s code that suggests four “Reality Waves” of destabilization will be released from the Zero Point over several weeks. These will reportedly act as mini-events, affecting various parts of the game in a lead-up to the end of Season Five. 

This is backed up by smaller aspects of Update v15.50, which went live earlier today, as the Zero Point has deteriorated visibly, showing cracks similar to its damaged state in Season X of Chapter One.

According to some text files Mang0e found, those waves will mess with in-game audio and voice chat functionality, adding and removing audio effects when near the Zero Point or as a pulse is sent out. Additionally, there are more files that point to NPC characters destabilizing and teleporting around the map when interacting with them. 

As Season Five progresses, you will likely see more reality warping around the map, leading into a flashy finale that could potentially snap the world of Fortnite out of the time loop fans speculate is trapping the ever-changing island.