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Fortnite is adding bots in season 11

Fortnite is receiving some much needed matchmaking changes.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has tried hard to satisfy every form of player from competitive pros to the casual gamer, but that’s recently been quite difficult to achieve. Epic Games revealed today that the game will receive updates to matchmaking in this week’s v10.40 update. And bots will be added to Fortnite next season.

The game’s current method for matchmaking is quite unclear since Epic hasn’t fully explained how it works, but it seems that the company is adding a form of skill-based matchmaking this week with v10.40. Epic describes it as “improved matchmaking logic” and claims it’ll “create fairer matches” and pair players with similarly-skilled opponents.

Furthermore, Fortnite’s season 11 plans are beginning to be revealed with Epic announcing that bots will be available at the start of the next season. Bots will attempt to behave like normal players (as they should) and are being added to make room for more skill growth.

Epic says that the bots “will work in conjunction with the new matchmaking system, and as your skill improves” you’ll come up against a higher ratio of players compared to bots. Bots won’t be available in competitive and Arena playlists, however. But the feature will be continually worked on after its release.