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A third instant death spot has been found in Fortnite

Be careful near the volcano.

Image via Epic Games

A new instant death spot has been found in Fortnite: Battle Royale about a week after players died out of nowhere in the Fork Knife area.

Player Charis38 shared a video of them using The Baller southwest of the volcano. The player flies over a hill and sees some loot on the ground. After landing safely, charis was able to collect one or two items, but they died right after and saw the elimination message say “you eliminated yourself.” The kill feed shows that charis “didn’t stick the landing,” as if the player had fallen from a height of 31m.

There’s no way to understand what happened before charis suddenly got eliminated in that spot, but the loot on the ground could mean that someone came before them and also got eliminated on that same spot.

A few players commented on the thread with theories about it. Some guessed that in this case, it could be a bug with The Baller too, since other players said they experienced that while using the vehicle on that same spot. It prevents all fall damage, but for some reason, The Baller might be processing fall damage when it touches that spot even after landing safely.

Otherwise, it could be just another instant death spot in Fortnite. Aside from the Fork Knife spot, there was a second one spotted at The Block a week ago. Before season eight was released at the end of February, instant death tiles were never reported or found by players. For some reason that’s still unknown, they have started to be spotted since then, though.

Developer Epic Games has yet to reveal if it’s investigating the issue or if it has found a solution.