Fortnite has been teasing a Dragon Ball collab for months

It's one of the classic locations from the anime.

Characters from Dragon Ball in an ensemble photo
Image via Shueisha Inc

Fortnite’s map is constantly changing, introducing new landmarks and other POIs from popular franchises. There have been rumors for weeks about a collab between Dragon Ball and Fortnite, but now it appears that there were hints in the game for much longer than that. According to popular data miners, there has been a location in Fortnite that has pointed to the collab this whole time.

After the v21.30 update yesterday morning, some players were saying that there was a hidden capsule item somewhere on the map. Other creators said there was a location hinting at the collab on the map, but they didn’t know where. Now, popular Fortnite data miner HYPEX has posted a screengrab that looks an awful lot like a house from the Dragon Ball series.

The Kame House is a small house located on a small island in the Dragon Ball universe. It starts out as the house of Master Roshi before Krillin and his family move in. Most importantly, it’s located on a small island by itself. There’s a house in Fortnite that also fits those same specifications, located north of the Foundation’s statue in Sanctuary.

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Right now, the house doesn’t look like much, but according to HYPEX, it should get new assets in the coming weeks. The house may potentially be the focus of the Dragon Ball collab when it begins in the next week or two, according to HYPEX. With the event supposedly taking seven weeks, it makes sense that the collab would start while we still have seven weeks left in the season.

If this leak turns out to be true, this would be one of the longest Easter eggs in recent history and raises questions about what else Epic Games is teasing on the map.