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Every weapon you can use to complete the new 14 Days of Fortnite challenge

Different rarities of the same weapon aren't different weapons.

Image via Epic Games

Day eight of the holiday event 14 Days of Fortnite is on. It brings the new challenge “Damage opponents with different weapons” and awards players with the uncommon emote Take the Elf.

This challenge can be completed in any standard or Limited Time Mode, which means Playground and Fortnite Creative are off the table to progress through this challenge.

To complete this, players will need to know all 22 guns in Fortnite, and remember which ones they’ve already used to damage opponents. Please note that you don’t have to get a kill with the weapons, just cause damage and switch.

What makes a weapon different from another is its name, not its rarity. This means that causing damage to an opponent with a green Pump Shotgun and following it up with a blue one will count as one weapon. But if you follow the first Pump Shotgun with a Tactical Shotgun, it will count as two since they have different names.

Weapons like the Assault Rifle and the Burst Assault Rifle vary in rarity from Common to Legendary and have different weapon models for the higher rarities, but they have the same name. Despite the models being different, dealing damage with any of them will count as a single weapon.

Finally, weapons of the same class are also fair game as long as they have different names. Dealing damage with an Assault Rifle and then dealing damage with a Burst Assault Rifle counts as two weapons.

All weapons in Fortnite

  • Assault Rifle (from Common to Legendary)
  • Burst Assault Rifle (from Common to Legendary)
  • Heavy Assault Rifle (from Rare to Legendary)
  • Scoped Rifle (Rare and Epic)
  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle (Epic and Legendary)
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle (Epic and Legendary)
  • Minigun (Epic and Legendary)
  • Pistol (Common and Uncommon)
  • Suppressed Pistol (Rare and Epic)
  • Hand Cannon (Epic and Legendary)
  • Six Shooter (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Submachine Gun (Common to Rare)
  • Compact SMG (Epic and Legendary)
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle (Epic and Legendary)
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (Rare and Epic)
  • Hunting Rifle (Uncommon and Rare)
  • Pump Shotgun (Uncommon to Legendary)
  • Tactical Shotgun (Common to Rare)
  • Heavy Shotgun (Epic and Legendary)
  • Rocket Launcher (Epic and Legendary)
  • Snowball Launcher (Rare to Legendary)
  • Quad Launcher (Epic and Legendary)

We recommend you take note of all the weapons you dealt damage with. Grab a small notepad, write their names down, and remember to avoid them next time you find an enemy.

Update Dec. 26 at 10:15am CT: This challenge apparently has a few glitches. Some weapons might not allow players to make progress in the challenge, while the Pickaxe and Damage Traps count. The core challenge remains the same. It’s unclear at the time of writing whether these are intentional or not.