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Fortnite data miners reveal Chapter 2, season one secret skin

She's here to crash the party.

Image via Epic Games

Popular Fortnite data miner Lucas7Yoshi posted a photo yesterday that possibly reveals the secret skin for Chapter Two, season one.

Players who have the Battle Pass for Chapter Two, season one can complete weekly missions to earn rewards and in-game XP. Once players complete eight out of 11 weekly challenges within a mission, they’ll be awarded a loading screen that reveals the location of a letter.

Each week, there’s a new letter that becomes available. But it can only be found through hints in each weekly loading screen. The secret letters will eventually spell out “Fortnite.”

With week seven’s mission releasing today, that means the last letter will be available on Nov. 28 through week eight’s mission. And Lucas7Yoshi posted a photo of a new skin, Sorana, which might be the secret reward for finding all of the letters.

The skin’s code name is “Bane” and will only be available by finding all eight letters, according to Lucas7Yoshi. The data miner says that the Sorana skin is a Legendary female character with black hair, a red-trimmed leather jacket, and tiger-striped red tight pants.

Epic Games doesn’t comment on leaks or rumors, so Fortnite fans will have to patiently wait to see if the leak comes true next week.