FORTNITE CUBE WATCH: A fifth rune has emerged in Wailing Woods

Five down, two to go (we think).

Screengrab via Epic Games

Everyone’s favorite giant purple cube in Fortnite: Battle Royale is up to its same old tricks today by creating another mysterious symbol.

The cube’s pattern continued yesterday when it stopped moving and spawned the fifth gravitational field in Wailing Woods. And today, the cube left another strange symbol on the ground before going back in motion.

Just like all of the other runes that have spawned in Fortnite over the past few weeks, this one is unique. The cube stopped and created the first gravitational field near Fatal Fields on Aug. 28. Then, the next day, the cube burnt the first rune into the ground.

The cycle has continued, with other gravitational fields emerging near Greasy GroveSalty Springs, and Retail Row. And each time, the secondthird, and fourth runes appeared at these respective locations the following day.

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The cube is once again on the move, and now it seems to be heading west toward Tomato Temple. Redditors did some detective work last week and mapped out potential spots for future symbols—and so far, they’ve been spot on. They correctly predicted the location of this gravitational field and rune in Wailing Woods, and if they’re right again, the cube’s next destination should be south of Lazy Links.