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Fortnite could be getting new suppressed dual pistols

These leaked a while ago, but are back again.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite data miners have found evidence of what could be a new weapon coming to battle royale in the future—dual suppressed pistols.

Previously only available in Spy Games, the “silent dualies” are basically the same as normal dual pistols, only silent. They’re fired in two-shot bursts and are quite strong in close to medium-range fights.

In Spy Games, these pistols are found in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants. It’s unclear if this would translate over to battle royale the same way.

There’s no indication that the suppressed pistols could be added to battle royale, but leakers say that they’ve simply been found in the game’s files with today’s 12.40 update.

Other weapons have been found in the files of this season’s updates, like the Anti-Choppa rocket launcher, a scoped assault rifle, and a slug shotgun. For now, Fortnite players are waiting for them to be added to the game, but nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games just yet.