Fortnite could be getting Middle Eastern and more Asian servers soon, leaks reveal | Dot Esports

Fortnite could be getting Middle Eastern and more Asian servers soon, leaks reveal

Nothing is confirmed, though.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players in the Middle East might soon get a server close to them.

According to a dataminer called fnbrInsider, 15 new Fortnite servers are being released soon all around the globe, and one of them is in the middle-eastern country of Bahrain. That means players in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates will reportedly play the game with reduced latency due to being close to an official Epic Games server.

Other countries set to receive servers are India, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, South Korea, and Finland. The United States will reportedly get servers in Oregon, South Carolina, and Iowa.

If the list is real and the list includes all Fortnite servers opening soon, that means players in some countries of South and Central America will still need to play in servers far from them, either in Brazil or the United States. None of the servers listed are in Africa.

The same dataminers revealed the complete list of IPs of every server so that players can test their latency to each of them. Some people who claim to live in countries next to Bahrain, like Jordan and Kuwait, are saying they’re still getting ping values as high as 200 when testing their connection to the reported Bahrain server. Others say that since these servers have yet to be activated, the connection of players in middle-eastern countries is still being sent to the nearest European server when trying to ping them, and that these values should decrease a lot when servers are active.

Though most of the servers in the list seem to be located where the dataminer said they are, Epic Games has yet to confirm when and if it’s using them for Fortnite soon. There’s no proof that Epic is using these servers.