New Fortnite items datamined from today’s patch

These look... interesting.

Image via Epic Games

This morning’s Fortnite 5.2 update brought some changes to the battle royale title, including a new shotgun that players seem pretty happy about.

As well as the public additions, there’s always more to be found though. Dataminers as usual got to work on the new update, and found some cool new potential items for the game squirreled away in the code.

Four new consumables were found inside the patch by Twitter account @FNBRLeaks.

The Grappling Hook and Zipline, if they are indeed just as they sound, could make scaling hills and buildings a completely different experience in the future. They will probably work for movement up and down respectively—so if you’re on top of a hill in a base, you’ll have to watch out for someone coming up on you fast with a grappling hook. If you need to escape, it might be a Zipline is the only safe way down.

Files for a Prickly Pear consumable were also in the patch. After Apples and Mushrooms have been added to the game for health and shields, it’s not clear what a third plant-based item might do. There’s also a “Hurt ‘n Heal” consumable, which could even further increase the range of healing options available in game.

As always, there’s no clue when these might be added to the game. It could be in the next patch, it could be never—so keep a look out in game for the “coming soon” messages.