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Fortnite Chapter 2 issues addressed in v11.21 update

FPS drops, controller input delay, and more fixes were highlighted.

Image via Epic Games

The latest update for Fortnite Chapter Two, season one went live today. The v11.21 patch has fixed several problems ranging from missing FPS counters to FPS drops for mobile.

Epic Games updated its Trello board to alert players that the team is aware of issues that were fixed or are being fixed with the v11.21 update.

  • FPS option missing from settings in Battle Royale and Creative.
  • Refund token count displaying incorrectly.
  • Reports of controller input delay.
  • Map marker rotation axis is offset when rotating with the “Phone” tool.
  • FPS drops and hitching on Mobile.
  • Increase of low-detailed buildings on Nintendo Switch.

There are a few workaround options while Epic works on these specific issues. Controller players, for example, have noticed an increase in input delay while reloading, editing, placing builds, or switching modes. Epic claims that restarting the Creative map or opening and closing the in-game menu should fix any controller input problems while it works on a more reliable solution. At time of writing, the controller input issue has been fully resolved.

Players on mobile have noticed that they’ve been dropping frames or experienced their entire game freezing. While this issue has been widespread across low to mid-tier devices, Epic has promised to keep track of the problem beyond the v11.21 patch.

Many Fortnite players will be happy to know that Epic is still actively looking to fix problems that were introduced in v11.21 or old bugs that players have had to workaround.

Chapter Two, season one has been lackluster in terms of the amount of content and new weapons added. But players should be comforted to know that Epic is hard at work to make sure the in-game Fortnite experience is the best it can be.