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Fortnite Champion Series week one scores and leaderboards

Some players have already qualified for stage two.

Image via Epic Games

The first part of the Fortnite Champion Series Trios event has concluded and fans now know who the first players to qualify for stage two of the championship are.

This was the first week of five in total that players will have to qualify for the next stage. All weeks give away cash prizes according to players’ standings and players qualify regionally.

The first weekend saw the debut of the Middle East server in the game, which allowed players from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries to compete with low latency instead of trying to queue up on European servers. The other Fortnite World Cup regions also participated in the tournament, with North America still split into East and West, and the return of Europe, Brazil, Oceania, and Asia.

Eight trios in North America East, West, Europe, and Brazil moved on to stage two after week one, adding up to 32 trios. Four trios in Asia, Oceana, and the Middle East have also moved on for a total of 12 trios. Teams that failed to qualify have earned Series Points that might let them advance in the tournament later by becoming one of the top teams in their region.

Big Fortnite players have already secured their spots in stage two. World Cup Solo champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf is one of them from North America East, while FaZe Clan’s Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson and Atlantis’ Dmitri “Mitr0” van de Vrie qualified in Europe.

Here are the top eight trios in every region of the Fortnite Champion Series trios during week one.

North America East

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North America West

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Middle East

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