Fortnite bots are getting so out of hand they’re now opening chests through walls

This is confusing.

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Some bots make questionable decisions in Fortnite, while others have unfair advantages. That’s the case of a bot one player encountered, which was able to loot a chest completely out of its range.

When a player tried to open a chest in Parque Placenter, a naughty little bot stole their loot through the floor.

Typically, players have to stand near a chest to open it. But this shouldn’t be possible when they’re separated by walls, floors, or other obstacles.

This glitch isn’t game-breaking because the bot wasn’t actually able to get the items that popped out of the chest due to floor separation. That said, it’s still a confusing glitch that could easily play tricks on anyone.

The Nov. 19 Reddit thread stirred reaction from players, who found the glitch funny and unexpected. One revealed that opening a chest through a wall is possible when playing on mobile. But this hasn’t been verified.

Bots are a key part of the battle royale experience, filling up lobbies to their full capacity. There were countless bugs when they were first introduced to the game, but, thankfully they’re much less frequent now.

No bug involving bots has been spotted on Epic’s support Twitter or Trello board at the time of writing. Similar occurrences of the glitch haven’t been spotted on social media either.


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