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Fortnite Best Friendzy start and end dates

You have two weeks, and all you have to do is play with friends.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games unveiled a new two-week Fortnite event today that’s all about playing with your besties.

The Best Friendzy event allows players to earn special rewards, including an Aquari-axe pickaxe, simply by playing with someone on your Fortnite friends list. You earn points for every 10 minutes you play with friends, and there’s a three-times multiplier during a specific “daily bonus” time period. Players can get started on their friendship adventure by registering on the Best Friendzy website.

The event begins today, Aug. 31, and lasts until Monday Sept. 12 at 3pm CT.

By registering your account on Fortnite’s website, you will be able to track your progress toward goals and earn points no matter what person on your friend list you play with. 

You don’t even have to win games. The emphasis of the event is to maximize time spent in-game so don’t even sweat it if you take an L. You can play with your lesser skilled friends without feeling like they’re holding you back.