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Fortnite asking for new Creative Islands to spotlight during No Sweat Summer

Players will get a chance to spotlight their Creative experiences

A bunch of fortnite characters hanging out in a pool, using the creative interface
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has been one of the most popular live-service games of the past five years, often introducing limited-time events for players to have fun with. Now, Epic Games has announced this year’s summer event in Fortnite. It’s called No Sweat Summer, and it will feature some of the best Creative maps that the game has to offer.

While the main attraction of Fortnite has always been the Battle Royale mode, Creative maps offer a unique experience created by the community. As part of Fortnite‘s summer event, players who meet certain criteria can have their maps featured on the game’s Discover page.

What Epic is looking for are more relaxed experiences, as detailed in the blog post alongside the announcement. The island design must be new player friendly, utilize recently released Creative devices, take advantage of the new movement, and be unique in its content and execution.

Players who want to participate will need to submit their island through the Creative Content submission form, using the No Sweat Summer option from the dropdown menu. All submissions must be in before 10:59pm CT on July 5.

Some of the additional criteria for island submissions for No Sweat Summer include:

  • One island per creator will be accepted
  • The island must follow the No Sweat Summer theme, meaning no combat maps and summer themes
  • Islands must be high quality and fully-functional
  • Players using newer devices in unique ways will have a higher chance of getting selected
  • Each submission will require a video overview, showing the entire island and at least one round of gameplay
  • Each island has to be a brand new experience meant for the No Sweat Summer event
  • Promotional trailers are encouraged, but not required like overview videos

Players have three weeks to create their new experience and submit it using the Creative Content submission form.