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Fortnite adds new ‘Party Worlds’ where players can hang out

Participate in mini-games and make new friends.

Screengrab via Epic Games

To wrap up Fortnite Chapter Two, Epic Games is continuing to introduce new content for players to explore—and the latest of these additions joining the game today is Party Worlds.

In a blog post, Epic introduced players to the new Party Worlds in Fortnite that can be used as locations for players to hang out, participate in mini-games, and meet new players.

The first two Party Worlds have been revealed and they were both creator built. Walnut World was crafted by fivewalnut and is inspired by an amusement park with plenty of exploration to be done and places to hang out.

Late Night Lounge is a smaller world crafted by TreyJTH. In this closed-off lounge, players can chill out from the action of Fortnite and just hang out.

In the blog post, Epic explained the key difference between Hubs and the new Party Worlds. Party Worlds are built for players to have fun and hang out, unlike Hubs, which are intended to help players discover other worlds.

Fortnite is looking to expand this new system further in the future and encourages creators to make their own Party Worlds. You can submit your Party World for consideration by using the tag “Party World” and sending it through the Fortnite Discover Submission Form.