Fortnite adds new Chrome Splash mechanic in Chapter 3, season 4, allows air dash and wall phasing

Being Chrome-ified provides unique movement advantages.

A promo image from Fortnite showing a character in chrome form, which turns the enitre skin chrome colored
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest season is finally here and it features the ominous Chrome that slowly consumed The Seven and now the island. But the Loopers are able to use the Chrome to their advantage in Chapter Three, season four, taking on its form to turn into a blob of the liquid. Using it, players can tunnel as a blob, avoiding damage from enemies and air dash to get closer to them faster.

The Chrome Splash is a new throwable that appears to be a canister of the rapid-spreading Chrome liquid. When it splashes, the Chrome will cover the player’s body and give them new abilities. In addition to what’s mentioned above, players will also be able to phase through walls, providing a new way to surprise an enemy hiding in an adjacent room.

A promo image from Fortnite for a canister that has chrome liquid in it
Image via Epic Games

Chromed players will turn into a metal blob when sprinting, which makes them immune to falls and fire damage. If you dash into a building piece, it will turn that building piece into Chrome, allowing you to pass through it since you’re part of the same material. With this mechanic, it’s easy to see how Chrome is spreading across the island.

The Chrome is slowly going to take over the island in the coming weeks, with players likely assisting in that to some degree. While it’s all fun and games now, it will likely be up to the player and the Paradigm to keep Reality Zero from falling into the hands of this new threat. In the meantime, maybe it’s better to keep using the Chrome despite its rapidly spreading effects.