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Fortnite pros x2Twins show no love in solos match

They may be twins, but that doesn't mean x2Twins always play nice together.

Screengrab via x2Twins

If you have a sibling, you know it’s always humorous to get a one up on them, especially in competitions like video games. This played out during a stream last night of professional Fortnite players x2Twins, Jesse “x2Jesse” Eckley and Jordan “x2Jordan” Eckley.

The x2Twins streamed some solo games yesterday on Twitch that ended up creating a clip you can’t help but laugh at. X2Jordan built a tower to get the high ground during one of the games. He ended up editing a wall to create a window where he saw another player running along with no walls to guard him. X2Jordan lined up his sniper and fired, landing a headshot. That’s when the text popped up: “Eliminated x2Twins Jesse.” He took down his brother, who was just a couple feet in front of him.

X2Jesse quickly put his head in his hand while x2Jordan couldn’t help but look surprised and amused at taking out his own brother before bursting out in laughter. The chat also erupted in laughs at the misery of one brother and the humor of the other.

For what it’s worth, it wasn’t the final kill to win the game and x2Jordan didn’t end up winning anyway—he finished in seventh. At least x2Jesse can hang his head on those facts. But x2Jordan will likely bring this clip up in conversations with his sibling later, maybe even playing it in case his brother tries to forget it happened.

The Australian twins have over 360,000 followers on Twitch.